From old to new model cars, motorcycles and classic automobiles, Upholstery Works provides a motor trimming service to suit every project. Whether it is fixing car seat supports for roadworthy certificates, recovering seats in leather or any chosen fabric, refurbishing roof linings or stripping a vehicle completely to give it a whole new look, Upholstery Works provides every element of service. The Manunda-based business has a wide variety of different fabrics suitable for vehicles, auto carpets and qualified motor trimmers on hand to offer advice for the best outcome. Upholstery Works’ team has worked on new cars, repaired second-hand models and managed a complete overhaul to damaged interior. It also specialises in vintage cars bringing the old-world style of vehicles back to life.

Hand-in-hand with its motor trimming services, Upholstery Works also provides services for airlines. With a host of different fabrics suitable for the airline industry, the business has been responsible for some major refurbishments on small local airlines from recovering and repairing seating, to laying new carpet. It has also worked on vintage planes such as Tiger Moths to restore their aircraft to its former glory.

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