Every project undertaken by Upholstery Works is considered with the same level of importance, whether it be a million dollar refurbishment of a five star hotel or recovering a sofa for a family home. Each project deserves the same level of quality and consistency. Upholstery Works recovers modern lounge chairs and sofa beds, as well as antique furnishings with hand sprung seating and deep buttoned lounges of yesteryear, to all designs of dining chairs and sofas. When full re-upholstery isn’t required, the business also offers a repair service for sagging seats and broken springs.

Opting to re-upholster a beloved piece of well-made furniture gives it another lease on life, and can often mean a longevity over purchasing cheaper made throw away furniture. The team at Upholstery Works ensures every aspect of the furniture being re-upholstered undergoes the refurbishment process, whether it be applying new webbing, supplying new foam for cushions or fixing the structure of the furniture. Clients can be assured of receiving their well-loved piece of furniture back in the same condition, if not better, than when they purchased it new. Upholstery Works also offers a variety of add-on services to assist in extending the life of furnishings such as fibre-guard for fabrics.

The team at Upholstery Works is well versed in every different style of fabric, and can help clients select the styles that are right for them, from colour schemes, to fabrics which cater best for our tropical lifestyle, to those for outside or high traffic internal areas. From cotton, wool or polyester based fabrics, leather or vinyl, there is something to suit every style of home and furnishing. Upholstery Works has a wide range of samples to browse through when selecting a fabric and can assist in combining home colour schemes and furnishings together in a complementary manner.

For those looking for a completely new look for their home furnishings, Upholstery Works also creates custom made furniture to order.

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